Genius Broadcast

Data analytics that power TV shows and give real-time insights to fans about the show itself.

We collect, crunch and display data using our in-house developed world-first technology for television shows to create relevant and engaging "In-Show Analytics". If you are a TV show that has contestant data we would love to chat. Genius Broadcast is a highly engaging tech tool. You can be one of the first in the world to be seen as innovating with analytics during shows.

We also work with sporting broadcasters to enhance the viewing experience through distribution of insights derived from iSport Genius. How often do the Chicago Bulls win when trailing by more than 5 points at half-time in an away game coming off a two-day break? Your viewers want to know.

Television Big Data

We create custom data analytics and visualisations to enhance the viewing experience.

Engagement and Interactivity

Based on the analytics we create, we can quiz your viewers to derive further rich insights.