Our games have been proven to be extremely powerful drivers of attracting new customers at highly efficient rates. Grow your database and brand exposure with our suite of games.

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Engage & Retain

We exist to give users experiences they have never had before and this is highlighted in our Genius Games suite of products. Whether it be free to play prediction games, or arcade style games designed to create excitement and fun, we have the perfect solution for you. Our games can be custom built from the ground up based on your requirements and powered by our proprietary games engine. Leveraging the industry-leading iSport Genius, we can provide the unique benefit of integrating rich sports data into the games experience. We put the user's experience first, to ensure they keep returning to your site and engaging with your offer.


Once we have helped you acquire new users and have them deeply engaged with our games, the next step is to convert them to a desired outcome. With a wide range of CTAs available to convert users for any operator, our games will improve your baseline metrics. We also provide you with all the tools including customised dashboards and APIs to track every user's touch points in each game offered. Information such as number of games played, prizes won, times that users are active, game patterns (such as tips or scores) and deeper analytics are available to you and can be effectively integrated into your CRM and backend.


At the end of the day our games are designed and built to be enjoyable. Not just for users, but for you in the process of getting these to market and providing a unique offering. We are extremely passionate about innovation and creating different solutions. All our games are customisable without restriction, including the sport chosen, game mechanics, devices serviced, betting market/s (if relevant), integration methods - you name it!

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