Tipping Genius

A tipping platform with remarkable insights

An innovative tipping / 'pick em' platform covering all global sports and eSports that allows users to predict the outcome of literally any component of a sporting event (including all player statistics).

Tipping Genius also provides analytical insights to each user based on their selections, allowing them to better understand their own performance. Users are alerted when any trends are identified in their tipping patterns.

Tip on anything

Tip on Head-to-Head matchups, Betting markets, Player markets and much more.

Personalised Insights

Get complete insight into your tipping statistics; your most successful sports, teams, players, times of day, types of weather, venues and much more!

Customise your solution

Tipping Genius is completely customisable and can be tailored for any sport or eSport. This includes adding any features and integrating into any platform.

Social & Achievements

Track what other users are tipping on and earn Genius Points to unlock rewards and complete tasks!